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the implied count

By Arnold "The Bishop" Snyder
Q: This year, I read an article about how card counters could increase their advantage at blackjack by using the "implied count." I didn't save the article, and I don't recall if you were the author. What I do remember is that, with the implied count, a card counter uses his count in the normal way for betting purposes, but when playing his hands, he adjusts the count to include cards he hasn't yet seen. Read full article

the problem with tipping
By Melissa Raimondi 
Tipping, or "toking" as it's called in gaming lingo, is a huge part of any casino vacation. The list of people you're supposed to throw a couple of bucks to goes way beyond waitresses and valet.Read full article
blackjack phobia
By Henry Tamburin
FACT: Blackjack is your best gamble in a casino.
FACT: The majority of casino players play the slots. Read full article
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